Appeals that I Briefed Before the Board

Ex parte Wu, No. 2010-001624 (BPAI April 13, 2012) (affirmed)
Ex parte Wu, No. 2010-006221 (BPAI April 16, 2012) (affirmed)
Ex parte Bermender, No 2010-004340 (BPAI Sept. 5, 2012) (affirmed)
Ex parte Jasthi, No. 2010-004936 (PTAB Jan. 23, 2013) (affirmed)
Ex parte Kirshenbaum, No. 2010-009942 (PTAB April 2, 2013) (affirmed)

U.S. Patents that I Issued

8,122,019 Sharing User Distributed Search Results
8,108,426 Application and File System Hosting Framework
8,099,671 Opening an Application View
8,078,573 Identifying the Unifying Subject of a Set of Facts
8,046,390 Feedback for Unavailable Content
8,015,195 Modifying Entry Names in Directory Server
8,010,576 Inventory and Configuration Management
8,005,792 System and Method for Managing Versions of Metadata
7,899,824 Distributing Advertisements to Distribution Target Nodes Based On a Clustering Coefficient
7,849,100 Method and Computer-Readable Medium for Generating Usage Rights for An Item Based Upon Access Rights
7,844,605 Using Natural Search Click Events to Optimize Online Advertising Campaigns
7,844,603 Sharing User Distributed Search Results
7,831,634 Initializing a Cache Region Using a Generated Cache Region Configuration Structure
7,831,571 Anonymizing Selected Content in a Document
7,831,545 Identifying The Unifying Subject of a Set of Facts
7,827,141 Dynamically Sizing Buffers to Optimal Size in Network Layers When Supporting Data Transfers Related to Database Applications
7,779,024 Using Ontological Relationships in a Computer Database
7,779,022 Efficient Retrieval and Storage of Directory Information System Knowledge Referrals
7,779,015 Logging and Analyzing Context Attributes
7,774,384 Obtaining User Feedback for Unavailable Content
7,774,383 Displaying Facet Tree Elements and Logging Facet Element Item Counts to a Sequence Document
7,756,861 Optimizing a Computer Database Query that Fetches N Rows
7,734,620 Optimizing a Database Query that Fetches N Rows
7,707,232 Implementation for Collecting Unmanaged Memory
7,702,661 Managing Checked Out Files in a Source Control Repository
7,685,149 Identifying and Removing Potentially Unwanted Software
7,685,148 Automatically Configuring a Distributed Computing System According to a Hierarchical Model
7,676,449 Creating and Viewing Private Events in An Events Repository
7,672,968 Displaying a Tooltip Associated with a Concurrently Displayed Database Object
7,668,838 Providing Event Information to Third Party Event Applications
7,668,803 Data Query Cost Estimation
7,657,518 Chaining Context-Sensitive Search Results
7,644,072 Generating a Ranked List of Search Results Via Result Modeling
7,640,233 Resolution of Abbreviated Text in An Electronic Communications System
7,627,565 Organizing Context-Sensitive Search Results
7,617,200 Displaying Context-Sensitive Ranked Search Results
7,617,199 Characterizing Context-Sensitive Search Results As Non-Spam
7,613,747 Tiered Database Storage and Replication
7,610,279 Filtering Context-Sensitive Search Results
7,590,653 Automated Discovery and Inventory of Nodes Within An Autonomic Distributed Computing System
7,567,976 Merging Objects in a Facts Database
7,567,952 Optimizing a Computer Database Query that Fetches N Rows
7,555,494 Reproducing a Moving Image in a Media Stream
7,552,117 Using Ontological Relationships in a Computer Database
7,546,301 Effectuating Personalized, Process-Integrated Information, Communications and Entertainment (ICE) Service Delivery
7,536,382 Query Rewriting with Entity Detection
7,523,104 Apparatus and Method for Searching Structured Documents
7,509,319 Providing Authorized Access and Request-Initiated Translation of Data Files
7,505,989 System and Method for Creating Customized Ontologies
7,502,810 Tagging of Facet Elements in a Facet Tree
7,496,593 Creating a Multi-Relational Ontology Having a Predetermined Structure
7,493,333 System and Method for Parsing and/or Exporting Data From One or More Multi-Relational Ontologies
7,478,386 Resource-Conservative Installation of Compressed Archives
7,444,332 Strict Validation of Inference Rule Based On Abstraction Environment
7,444,331 Detecting Code Injection Attacks Against Databases
7,440,945 Dynamic Discovery of Abstract Rule Set Required Inputs
7,379,936 Pruning of Spatial Queries On Geodetic Data When Query Window Has Holes
7,359,913 K-Means Clustering Using Structured Query Language (SQL) Statements and Sufficient Statistics
7,356,524 Query Runtime Estimation Using Statistical Query Records
7,343,367 Optimizing a Database Query that Returns a Predetermined Number of Rows Using a Generated Optimized Access Plan
7,340,475 Evaluating Dynamic Expressions in a Modeling Application
7,330,855 Converting Data Between a Front End Schema Node and a Back End Schema Node
7,330,854 Generating a Bit Stream From An Indexing Tree
7,325,016 Monitoring Database Performance by Obtaining SQL Addresses for SQL Statements
7,310,639 Providing Query Correlation Attributes
7,305,420 Synchronizing Modifiable Documents with Multiple Clients Using Document Subsections

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